History Of The Wheel Of Fortune: From Its Origins To Online Gaming

Spin the wheel, spin! If you were born in the eighties (or before), you cannot fail to have recognized the chorus that accompanied the players of the Wheel of Fortune , as they were about to push the wheel, hoping to hit the biggest prize possible.

The Wheel of Fortune is a game that made the history of television, on which it was broadcast for almost twenty years, albeit not consecutively. Mike Bongiorno was the face of the Wheel of Fortune for most of the editions, although the first conductor was Augusto Mondelli . The last, however, was Enrico Papi .

The Wheel Of Fortune: The Game And Its History

You may not know that the Wheel of Fortune is a game that actually aired for the first time in 1952 on the American CBS. The show only lasted for one season, and it didn’t have much to do with the quiz that was going to hit the world – in the US, the Wheel of Fortune continues to rage on television.

The 1952-1953 edition, presented by Todd Russell and narrated by Hal Sims , revolved around ordinary people telling on television what good they had done in their lives. At the end of the story, the participants could spin a wheel and win a prize.

The lucky ones had the opportunity to take home up to $ 1,000, answering some general knowledge questions.

How The Wheel Of Fortune Worked On TV

Net of the numerous regulation changes that the show has undergone throughout its history on TV, the Wheel of Fortune was a game that involved guessing a sentence placed on a huge board in which each of the letters of the various words was composed of a self-propelled cube.

When the player guessed a letter, it was revealed to form the hidden sentence. The player had the possibility to give the solution , that is to try to utter the correct sentence, at any time in his turn. In case of correct solution, the competitor won the heat and took home the cash prize, otherwise he would have passed his turn.

During his turn, the player could:

  • Spin the wheel, then trying to guess the presence of a consonant.
  • Give the solution
  • Buy a vowel (for a fee, deducting the prize accumulated up to that point during the heat).

At the end of the last round, the player with the most money had the chance to win a final prize by calling five consonants and a vowel and trying to guess one last sentence.

The Wheel Of Fortune Online

The huge success of the game has led to the creation of not only a few home or console versions, but also various iterations of the Wheel of Fortune online .

Calling the Wheel of Fortune an online game is an understatement, because several online slot machines have been created . The first company ever to create an online Wheel of Fortune in the form of a slot was International Game Technology in 1996.

All versions of the Wheel of Fortune online are inspired by the TV show, although obviously it was impossible to replicate the same quiz mechanism. Nonetheless, the online game of Wheel of Fortune still delivered over 1,000 single wins of over $ 1 million each.

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